A Glance

Wedding Photojournalism is about capturing moments. Particularly it’s about capturing moments that others don’t see.

To photograph this moment, I carefully positioned myself behind the groomsmen. (When I shoot weddings I wear black, so I blended in nicely with the groomsmen’s black suits.)

After finding my position, I zoomed in closely with a long lens, “stealing” this image without anyone realizing I was even there.

Notice how the groom’s face (and, therefore, his eyes) is facing straight on, toward the minister. The groom doesn’t even know his bride looked at him in this way; that is, until he saw this image.

The bride’s sister — her matron of honor — is in the background, adding another layer of meaning to this candid moment.



“Eric makes each photograph come alive”

My fiance and I were looking for a wedding photographer … with Eric we got so, so much more. From our initial meeting it was clear he was experienced and would be attentive to our desires. We hired him to do our engagement photos and were blown away by the quality. He makes you feel so comfortable, then finds that special something to make each photograph come alive. Our wedding photos were even better.

– Mark and Libby Fabian, Waco, TX

“We felt them as much as we saw them”

This is probably the most gracious wedding photography review I’ve ever received. So thankful.
Of every decision we made for our wedding, the photographer was the most agonizing. This (practical) stranger would not only shape our memories of the event, they’d choose the only way most people would see it at all. Plus, for everything else in the wedding, we could have a back-up plan. But the photographer…we’d simply have to trust that on one day, whatever else was going on in their own life and headspace, they’d “get” us—our wedding, our vision, our heroic imperfect selves—with no possibility of do-overs.

To complicate things, we had fearsome aesthetic, technical, and logistical criteria. We wanted beautiful documentation with no posed shots. The wedding would last a full day near Austin and we’d have to arrange everything from across country. The ceremony would be onstage in a dark theater. We were showing a movie after and, yes, we wanted pictures of that, too, but we didn’t want disruption or a bunch of deer-in-the-headlights shots. Although we had a fair budget, we knew we were asking a lot. In our search, we considered, and rejected, dozens of wedding photographers. Few had experience with dramatic lighting or live-action shots. Some had no eye. And then there was the pink. So much frilly silly pink. Time was running out.

We pressed friends and families for referrals, Googled for hours, pored through wedding forums and … finally found Eric. His wedding portfolio was smashing! His wedding shots were so…human. We felt them as much as we saw them. There were, of course, the usual wedding things; but mostly the people were amazing: active, diverse, funny, sweet, exhausted, thrilled—all of it. And then I saw Eric’s events portfolio: his talent for capturing action and light blew me away.

The rest was so easy…as easy as any miracle, at least. Eric was totally charming, professional, available, and affordable. He drove in from Waco with his son, Daniel, and they were everywhere at our event. Less than a week later, Eric sent us the photos. They were epic. We laughed and cried, reveling in the joy, ceremony, consultation, sober elderly advice, and, absolutely, kissing. Eric caught our game faces and our private moments. His photos are journalistic in their honesty, and also lovely. More than the way we remember our wedding, they are how we want to remember it.

Looking at the photos a year later, I also see how lucky we were. Eric is a great, rarely talented photographer. It was a joy to work with him, and I’d recommend him to anyone.

Bounce Brewer
Seattle, 2014