“Exceptional Service and Talent”

On a beautiful day at a private home two lives joined to start a lifetime of adventures. To capture those moments Eric Guel Photography proved exceptional service and talent.  Planning began and Eric provided prompt responses to all our questions and became an integral  piece of our wedding story.  He made us feel secure in […]

A Glance

Wedding Photojournalism is about capturing moments. Particularly it’s about capturing moments that others don’t see. To photograph this moment, I carefully positioned myself behind the groomsmen. (When I shoot weddings I wear black, so I blended in nicely with the groomsmen’s black suits.) After finding my position, I zoomed in closely with a long lens, […]

“We felt them as much as we saw them”

This is probably the most gracious wedding photography review I’ve ever received. So thankful. Of every decision we made for our wedding, the photographer was the most agonizing. This (practical) stranger would not only shape our memories of the event, they’d choose the only way most people would see it at all. Plus, for everything […]